Rope Mats - minimalist

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These minimalist rope mats are handmade with 8mm unbleached cotton rope, organic cotton thread & feature a block stitched design. As these mats are 100% cotton they can be used as trivets for hot plates or as dining table mats. Sold individually.

Size - 21cm

Colours - black / gold / blue / red / green

Made to last in the Ruby Cubes studio in Dartmoor UK.

Free shipping over £15 (UK only) We use sustainable packaging materials and recycled materials wherever possible.

As each product is handmade please allow for a small tolerance in the sizing. If you would like a custom size please contact us here

Care of your mats - best practice is to spot wash with a mild detergent and warm water. They can be machine washed but ensure the spin is slow and they are thoroughly dried and flattened afterwards.