I currently offer several ways that you can access learning for stitched ropework.
DOMESTIKA - Online Course
Follow my new online course to learn how to make a beautiful stitched ropework basket. Click this Link to access the course
Learn how to make beautiful stitched ropework pieces by following the step by step instructions in Artisan Ropework - the brand new book by textile artist Jessica Geach.
The book contains 15 projects filled with step by step images and walkthrough guides on how to create your own 3D stitched objects. This book is the perfect reference for mastering this satisfying craft.
Front cover image of the book Artisan Ropework - a book featuring 15 3d stitched rope craft projects by textile artist Jessica Geach. The image features a stack of 7 baskets the most prominent one at the bottom is in lime and pink.