Biro Graphic Tray

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1 x Biro Graphic Tray

The tray is a classic Ruby Cubes design but with the Biro Graphic twist. Perfect as a safe harbour for small treasures like rings or keys by the door or the bed.

Inspired by her own Bullet Journal, the biro graphic collection is the newest limited edition work by Jessica Geach (Ruby Cubes) and features 3 designs. Each piece has been designed to be punchy in design, but also functional and suitable for everyday use.

The other items in the collection are:

Biro Graphic Wall Hanger

Biro Graphic Vessel

Handmade to last with unbleached cotton rope & 100% organic cotton thread. Each one is handmade using a freeform sewing technique. Please allow for a small variation in dimensions as each is individually created.

Best care is to spot wash with warm water and dry in the sun or near a radiator. Cotton soaks up stains but also releases them very easily. Stubborn stains can be removed with a little baking soda paste and warm water. Hot water will shrink the cotton.

Postage & packaging - I use eco friendly packaging materials, sometimes reused. Mail bags are recyclable and tissue paper is acid free. Please reuse packaging wherever possible.