February 09, 2022

Object Translations - episode two - translating garlic into ropework

By Jessica Geach
Object Translations - episode two - translating garlic into ropework

In this second episode of object translations, I took my inspiration from homegrown garlic. This presented a huge challenge to translate sculpturally as the garlic has so many separate elements.

My main interest in doing this particular translation was to see if I could take each of the elements in turn and then piece it together - which is an idea quite new to me as generally in my past work I have worked with one section of rope to create different shapes.

The approach that I took was to deconstruct the garlic into three main sections - the roots, the bulb and the stem and then to create each of these elements into stitched rope.

It took quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to create the bulb section as you will see in the video. The jute tassel which represents the roots was probably the easiest element to translate and I think it really finished off the piece beautifully.

Translating garlic was an entirely new challenge for me technically and it has definitely opened a whole new vista in my creative brain about the techniques I can use in future work.

Catch the full episode below:

See you next time for episode 3 of Object Translations

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