September 22, 2023

From the archive - Striped basket circa 2021

By Jessica Geach
From the archive - Striped basket circa 2021

A new series - from the archive. I've been working with rope for about 8 years now (that's a lot of rope!) and along the way I've made some truly weird and wonderful things. I was looking through the archive yesterday and thought it would be fun to share them with you.

The first piece I've chosen to share from the Ruby Cubes archive is this super fun striped basket that to me looks like some kind of weird boot/vase. It definitely has "old woman who lived in shoe" vibes to me. 

a black and white striped basket with two compartments is filled with furry grass stems and sits atop a wooden table with a white chipboard background

Working with stripy rope presented a whole different set of challenges for me. The coloured rope is much less structural than my favourite unbleached cotton rope, which means the shapes are a little more fluid and it's possible to construct objects with a bit more give. I like the duality of this one having two compartments so you can display dried flowers on two different levels. 

With the stripy rope I made a series of bags and bowls. I remember the bags all sold out but almost none of the baskets sold at all. I think the other colours (blue/yellow/red) had gorgeous seaside vibes which leant themselves to the summer bag beautifully. I think the baskets were a bit of a stretch. But that's okay because on this occasion the joy for me was totally in the experimentation.

Would I work with stripy rope again? Absolutely. Such a fun process.

If you are interested in working with rope and would like to learn more, you can click here. 

Until the next archive dive....
Jessica x


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