September 13, 2022

Biro Graphic - Limited Edition - Pre Orders open for early October delivery

By Jessica Geach
Three objects from the Biro Graphic collection feature in this image - a textile wall hanger, a textile vessel and textile tray. The colour is neutral with a black, blue and red motif reminiscent of biro pens.

Now open for Pre orders - Biro Graphic is the new collection of work by textile artist Jessica Geach. A happy trio of three products, the biro graphic motif was inspired by the bold colour palette of biro pens and journalling. Each product is absolutely intended to be used in daily life.

Biro Graphic Wall hanger - features a secured hook on the back to allow the hanger to be attached the wall and become a home for your favourite scarf, blanket, or even hand towel. 

Biro Graphic Vessel - featuring the bold motif and intended to be a home for smaller objects and can live in any room of the house. 

Biro Graphic Tray - the smallest item in the collection, features the biro graphic motif and is intended to be a safe harbour for precious items such as rings or earrings or even keys. 

Each object can provide a service in the home and be utilised again and again whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. This has always been a foundational cornerstone of the Ruby Cubes and this collection refocuses that vision.

A note from Jessica on the creation of this limited edition collection:

"Biro Graphic was teased out of my mind whilst creating work for "The Extraordinary Everyday" Exhibition at Unit Twelve, which you can find out more about here. There is a connection between the everydayness of using a biro pen and the ability to utilise the objects in Biro Graphic in every day life."

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Orders placed before 1st October 2022 will be shipped in early October. The special price will be honoured until 1st October 2022 when the price will revert to the full amount.

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